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Daily Promotions

LuckyMe Slots offers incredibly exciting promotions and bonuses every single day of the week. Daily picks can include free spins, special bonus offers, free rolls and much more. Our daily picks provide unique and entertaining ways for you to win awesome bonuses.

Daily picks are available to all players unless otherwise noted.

Bonus Bomb – When you make your first-time deposit using this offer, we’ll match 50% of the deposit amount up to €100. This daily pick is available to all new players.

Free Spins Insurance – After you register for this daily pick and make a deposit at least twice in one day, we’ll give you 5 free spins for every €25 that doesn’t trigger a win.

3 Wins = Mega Spins – When you participate in this daily pick and win in at least 3 buy-in tournaments, you’ll be rewarded with Mega Spins.

VIP Retention Package – On the 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 16th and 20th of each month we offer special offers made exclusively for VIP members.

The Goody Bag – When you win at least €300 in one game session of Nina Master, you’ll win a bunch of free spins.

Winning Streak – With this daily pick, we’ll reward you with a €250 cash bonus if you win 3 buy-in tournaments.

Mystery Prize – Win a mystery prize when you make 100 spins in one game session of Ninja Master.

3 Times Lucky – When you win €50 three times in one game session of Wild Crystal Arrows, you’ll receive 50 free bonus spins. This pick is available to players who have made a deposit in the past 5 days.

Reach 4k – Get 4000 points in any buy-in tournament and win 50 free bonus spins.

Bonus Plus Free Spins – Make your first-time deposit and we’ll match 50% of the deposit value up to €200, plus we’ll throw in 25 free spins for good measure.

Double Up – When you make a deposit with this offer and wager the same amount at least 10 times, you’ll win a special bonus.

Spin & Win – When you win Ninja Master 50 times, we’ll gift you with 25 free bonus spins.

Go For 3 Tournaments – Take part in 3 buy-in tournaments in one day and win 15 free bonus spins.

Super Raffle – Win 1 raffle ticket for every 10 spins of our Hot Wheels game and you’ll win 20 free spins.

Free Spins Day – Make your first-time deposit and you’ll instantly win 30 free spins.

We keep adding new existing promotions every day! Don’t miss out!